Before You Buy A Sunroom...


  1. Ask how many years the company has been in business INSTALLING SUNROOMS. Many companies will tell you how long they have been building but the sunroom business is very different.
  2. Ask for a list of "happy customers", and call them. Don't be shy! This is a significant investment - better to find out now if their customers were just "satisfied" or "delighted".
  3. If the company is a dealer or franchise for a sunroom manufacturer, find out how long the manufacturer has been in business.
  4. Is the company a member of the Better Business Bureau? Call or go online to the BBB and make an inquiry about the company.
  5. How many styles of sunrooms are available? Beware of companies who have only a few selections of styles, they will be selling you their style instead of yours!
  6. What type of warranty does the company offer? Remember the warranty is only good if the company is still in business.
  7. Ask for copies of the company's insurance certificates. Are they current?
  8. Does the company use tempered safety glass for your protection and not acrylic, as "plastic" surfaces will change color and scratch over time.
  9. Compare glass qualities. Have the company produce an "R" value spec sheet like ours found on the last page of most of our catalogues. THE CHOICE OF GLASS IS THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR IN THE PRICE OF HEATING IN WINTER AND YOUR LEVEL OF COMFORT IN THE SUMMER.
    WinterGreens use of CONSERVAGLASS SELECT ™ assures you that your sunroom will have the best glass in the industry.
    Read More About Sunroom GlassRead More About CONSERVAGLASS SELECT ™
  10. How well does the glass control glare? Does the glass control UV light to reduce fabric fading? Always ask the sales person to demonstrate how their glass performs.
  11. Are the Sunroom's frames "thermally broken?" Thermally broken frames stop the transfer of heat to the outside and eliminate condensation and icing.
  12. Make sure the sunroom if fully engineered and has been tested to meet local building codes. No matter what state you live in the structure must be able to meet or exceed local building codes, have a building permit and pass inspection.

Print a List: Sunroom Questions you should Ask  PRINT THIS LIST
Take it with you when you shop for a new sunroom.


Solve These Problems

In many parts of the US, outdoor living is restricted to six months of the year. Families who enjoy their decks and patios in the spring and summer months, are forced indoors once the cold weather begins.
By turning an outdoor deck, patio or porch into a year-round sunroom, your family can enjoy the added space as wells as the feel of nature year round.
Not only does a sunroom offer additional living space; it can also pay for itself when it is time to sell.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Therapy, how a sunroom can change your life and your health!

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