Shopping For A Sunroom?
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WinterGreen Solariums, Inc. prides itself on being a full-scale remodeling company. While other's install ordinary sunrooms, we'll design and build a room addition. We have eighteen unique styles which can be designed to fit the architecture of your home, office or other structure.
Your entire home can look and feel better, be of higher market value, and adapt to changes in your lifestyle and interests.

Sunrooms For Your Health...

Seasonal Affective Disorder Conquering Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Sunrooms & Patio Rooms

Sunroom Straight Eave Style in Maine

Sunrooms are room additions. Sunrooms can be framed in wood or metal with different styles of windows and doors. There are 18 styles to choose from or we can custom design a room to to fit your personal style.

Our higher quality design and construction provides a higher thermal performance. In fact, most of our sunrooms are heated and open to the home.

Glass Roof Sunroom in MaineA key "secret" to our sunroom's performance is CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™

CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ is specially formulated to be comfortable in the summer, even with glass roofs. The insulating "R" value is twice the performance of ordinary insulated glass.

Our sunrooms are true four season additions for your home. Our sunrooms come in many styles including curved or straight eave, lean-to, great room shape with aluminum, pine or oak frames or we can custom design.

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Patio Rooms are porch or patio enclosures. The walls are made of sliding doors and windows, which are less efficient than framed glass walls of sunrooms. Patio Rooms are three-season rooms designed to enclose a porch or patio with insulated glass. They may be heated but usually not through a cold winter night. In the Northeast USA we recommend that the house wall not be removed and the entrance be through a separate door instead.

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